Wedding Book of Grace Campbell

Wedding Portrait of Grace Lavenia Campbell in 1903
Wedding Portrait of Grace Lavenia Campbell in 1903

Grace Lavenia Campbell married Carl DeWitt Hopkins on 25 July 1904 in Galipolis, Ohio. Grace and Carl were my great-grandparents, and my mother remembers them well.

Grace was born in 1883, the daughter of Samuel Henry (S. H.) Campbell and Nancy Jane Meadows. She was 21 at the time of her marriage to Carl. They had two sons (Keith Campbell Hopkins, my grandfather, and Henry Frederick Hopkins), and a daughter who did not live past infancy.

Wedding Book - Grace CampbellThis wedding book is a low quality pamphlet-style booklet with 8 pages total. It shows a copyright date of 1907, which suggest that Grace completed well after the marriage. The entire booklet appears to be completed in her hand (and none by husband Carl).

Here is the full PDF version.


campbell-grace-weddingbook-familyhistory1The “Family History” page has been invaluable to my research. Although most of this lineage has be documented by Grace’s father Samuel, some pieces of information were new. As you can see, she clearly marks “Kirk” as the name of her maternal grandmother; this was new information, as her grandfather was married twice. Additionally, she has “McGlothan” as the great-grandfather (through the Campbell line); I show that as McGhee, so it is a mystery (hence the Mystery tag; I may put out a separate post on this later).

campbell-grace-weddingbook-familyhistory2The additional “Family History” pages include some interesting tidbits and helpful dates. Her mother “broke hip” in November 1936. Sister “Annie” died of “heart trouble” in 1931 and was buried on “Decoration Day” (now Memorial Day). The death dates of two brothers, her husband and son are also noted on these pages.


campbell-grace-weddingbook-familyhistory4The final page summarizes the Civil War experience of her father, Samuel Henry Campbell (1946-1934) in the Confederate Army. This information is also found in other family documents; the multiple sources and consistency lend authenticity to the information.

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