Triple Wedding

Three related couples from Carter County, Kentucky were married on 24 Dec 1903 in Grayson County, KY.  Effie Rice married Henry Hale; Effie’s brother Willis Rice married Lucy Stephens; Henry’s sister Bertha Hale married George Rice, 1st cousin of Effie (through their fathers James and Granville, respectively).

Effie (1887-1978) and Henry (1882-1966) were my great-grandparents. Effie was barely 16 years old and Henry turned 21 the next month.

Effie Allen Rice and Henry Orville Hale
Effie Allen Rice and Henry Orville Hale

This photo is believed to be from the wedding day in 1903. I have the original tintype and although it’s not in great shape, it is amazing that their faces, hands and clothing are so clear. Effie (who was known as “Nannie” and I remember well) was truly one of the sweetest people most had ever met. Henry was also a good guy, and a bit of a rascal. I hope to document more stories about both Effie and Henry.

One goal I have is to reach out to those descendants of the other two couples to see if they have wedding day photos as well.

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