Bible of Alice Hopkins

Hopkins Bible - Page 3These pages come from a Hopkins family Bible that likely belonged to Martha Alice Hopkins (1858-1946, known as “Alice”), my great-great-grandmother. This Bible passed on from, presumably, Alice Hopkins to Carl Hopkins, then to his son Henry, and eventually to Henry’s nephew Jim, who passed it on to me.

The vitals for her three children with husband Henry Hopkins (1857-1883) are listed on a blank page at the back (Howard, whose obituary is pasted to the inner front cover, Carl, and Hallie). Henry died in 1883, before the birth of of his son Hallie.

Hopkins Bible - Page 1 hopkins-bible-02

Alice then remarried in 1885 and had three more children with George Hill. The vitals for two of these children are listed (Eva and Omer). The third child was born in 1900 and named “Flossie” and “Mida” in various census documents.

[photo coming soon] There is also a small lock of hair tucked away in the Bible; I would assume it belongs to one of Alice’s six children. There are no roots, and my research suggests there would be virtually no way to extract DNA. This is Mystery #1 associated with this artifact.

hopkins-bible-04Another obituary is pasted to the inner back cover of the Bible for a child named Horace Lee “Birdie” Wood (1878-1880). I have been able to find his birth record (which exactly matches the implied birth date in this obit) and the 1880 census shows Birdie and his parents in Clermont County, Ohio. I can’t, however, find the connection to Alice Hopkins. There is a much younger cousin who moved to this same county but not until the 1930s. So this connection is Mystery #2.


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