Tremaine Ann Bryan

bryan-tremaine-ann004Tremaine Ann Bryan was born on 05 September 1927, the youngest child of Wilbur Aaron Bryan and Mazie Tremaine Brown Bryan.

My father-in-law was her older brother, and he speaks most affectionately about her. I don’t have any stories about her; maybe I can rectify that over the next few months.

bryan-tremaine-ann-age7What I do know is that she died at the young age of 10 ½ of dermatomysositis, a rare skin disease.

These three photos are all that remain aside from a few school papers. The one above showing her reading a book is my favorite. I can see the resemblance to her brothers and parents.


bryan-tremaine-ann-age11The name “Tremaine” originates with her ancestors in England; her grandmother, Mary Tremaine Prisk, emigrated to the U. S. as a small child around 1864. There is also a “Lady Tremaine” in the family for which we have a photo but not a clearly defined connection.

Tremaine is buried in the Old Tennent Churchyard in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

bryan-tremain-headstoneIn addition to her original headstone shown here, her name is engraved on the back of her parents’ shared headstone. I was able to take this photograph when her oldest brother Wilber died in 2014 and we visited the cemetery.

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