The Truman Shirt

The Truman Shirt is one of the more colorful stories and artifacts of Farley family lore. The Truman Shirt was conceived in 1952 by Willis Hite Farley (1906-1983), my paternal grandfather. Politics and government were a big part of the life of Willis (“Grandaddy”); that gene clearly skips a generation as my sister Amy Farley most definitely inherited it!  The story below is told by his son (my father) Alan Keith Farley. Continue reading “The Truman Shirt”

Hail to the Chiefs

Malinda Jane Belcher was born 06 February 1858 in Mercer County, Virginia (now WV). She was my great-great grandmother, and died in 1933. She probably married her first husband sometime before 1878 (no marriage records found at this time). This first husband, who was the father of five of her six children, came from a family who clearly admired several leaders of the country. Continue reading “Hail to the Chiefs”

Cousin Barack

I was watching Barack Obama deliver his speech for re-election at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and found myself randomly looking at various information about his family and genealogy. I noticed an article in a 2008 Duvall family newsletter that described President Obama’s ancestor Mareen Duvall; this caught my eye as I remember Mareen Duvall in my own family tree, fairly directly through the Farley line.

I then confirmed that we indeed share the same ancestor – Mareen Duvall (the Emigrant) is our 9th-great-grandfather, which makes us 10th cousins.

 dare-duvall  obama-duvall