Basketball in the Family

hale-audrey-bball-1923Today is my paternal grandmother’s birthday; Audrey Vellence Hale was born on June 6, 1908. In this really fabulous photo, she is posing in her basketball uniform for Winding Gulf High School. Family lore is that she is turned to the side to hide a shiner received in a game a day or two preceding this picture. Continue reading “Basketball in the Family”

Football in the Family

Winding Gulf High School - 1927
Collins High School – 1927 – See Story Below

Several years ago, my mother-in-law gathered photos of her sons’ grandfathers (with their football teams) and had them professionally cleaned up and enlarged, suitable for framing. My husband and I were inspired to expand on the idea by assembling a collection of photos (portraits and sports both) of grandparents on both sides of the family. I was able to find the football photos for my grandfathers (and a fabulous 1923 photo of my grandmother in her high school basketball uniform – that’s worthy of a separate story coming later). Below are those four photos, and a couple others of related family from roughly the same era. They represent participation in a variety of roles – player, manager, coach. You can click on any photo to bring up a larger version.

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Death of Edith Marie Hale

hale-edithmarie1Edith “Edie” Marie Hale was born on 11 August 1906, the first daughter and 2nd of 10 children to Effie Allen Rice Hale and Henry Orville Hale. She was the older sister to my grandmother (Audrey Vellence Hale); by all accounts she and Audrey were very close. At the age of 16, Continue reading “Death of Edith Marie Hale”

Grandmam’s Toffee

This recipe comes from my grandmother, Audrey Vellence Hale Farley, and I absolutely adore the result. The story below was written by one of Grandmam’s great-grandchildren for a school project several years back. The “carefully protected” comment comes from my observation of a thread on Facebook when my cousin was making this during the holidays in 2008: Continue reading “Grandmam’s Toffee”

Aud’s High Point Pie

This recipe was used by my grandmother, Audrey Vellence Hale Farley (1908-2001, affectionately known as “Grandmam”) and shared with many friends and family. Grandmam was known as “Aud” or “Audrey” to her many friends, and it was one of those who called this “Aud’s High Point Pie” and that has a nice ring. Continue reading “Aud’s High Point Pie”