Wedding Book of Grace Campbell

Wedding Portrait of Grace Lavenia Campbell in 1903
Wedding Portrait of Grace Lavenia Campbell in 1903

Grace Lavenia Campbell married Carl DeWitt Hopkins on 25 July 1904 in Galipolis, Ohio. Grace and Carl were my great-grandparents, and my mother remembers them well.

Grace was born in 1883, the daughter of Samuel Henry (S. H.) Campbell and Nancy Jane Meadows. She was 21 at the time of her marriage to Carl. They had two sons (Keith Campbell Hopkins, my grandfather, and Henry Frederick Hopkins), and a daughter who did not live past infancy. Continue reading “Wedding Book of Grace Campbell”

Campbell Rocking Chair

campbell-rocking-chair#1Grace Lavenia Campbell was born on 18 July 1883 in Winefrede, a small coal mining and railroad community not far from Chesapeake and Chelyan in Kanawha County, West Virginia. She was my maternal great-grandmother.

Grace’s granddaughter Carol Lavenia Hopkins is my mother, and recalls this small rocking chair in Grace and Henry’s home in St. Albans, and being told by Grace that she (Grace) was rocked as a baby in that chair. The chair passed to my mother, and then on to me some years ago.

campbell-rockingchair-02It is a fairly small rocker, with a very nice¬†detailed upper rail. The Campbell family lived in a fairly rural community in that time period, so my guess would be that it was hand carved. Not sure what wood it is made form. The upholstery has been changed several times; there’s a layer underneath the current that predates anything I recall, and may be fairly old. I remember this rocker¬†well from my childhood and am glad it’s among the family treasures I’ve been entrusted to care for.