Sneed Store

SneedStore-signThis photograph is of a general store owned by the Sneed and Jones families. The date and location are unknown. Standing in white shirtsleeves from left: Constantine Perkins (C. P.) Sneed and John Harding Jones (my husband’s great-grandfather).

These two men were brothers-in-law. C. P. Sneed was the brother of John Jones’s wife, Mary Adaline Sneed Jones. The identities of the other individuals in the photograph are unknown.

John Harding Jones - 1886
John Harding Jones – 1886

Constantine Perkins Sneed - 1894
Constantine Perkins Sneed – 1894

John Harding Jones lived in Tennessee his whole life, while C. P. Sneed was married in Kentucky in 1896, living in Arkansas in 1900, moved to Mexico in 1909, and living in Oklahoma by 1916. He and his wife were living in California by 1930, where he died in 1940. Based on the ages of Sneed and Jones, and Sneed’s moves to other locales, a good guess is that this photo can be dated between 1885-1995, and most likely in Tennessee.

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  1. Who is your husband? John Harding Jones was my grandfather. I have never seen this photo before and want to find out more about it. Kathy Jones Fox

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