Middle Name of Henry H. Hopkins

Henry H. Hopkins was born 09 January 1809 in Caroline County, Virginia, and died 12 June 1874 in Boone County, WV of an ulcer as reported by his wife Julia Ann Hill Hopkins (1827-1902). Henry was a notorious slave owner in Boone County (that’s a story for another day); he also was one of the most prosperous citizens of the county and father to nine children, seven of whom lived to adulthood. Henry was my 3rd great-grandfather.

While there are many facts of interest regarding Henry and his life and his family, one has been somewhat of a mystery since I started this genealogical journey many years ago: that of Henry’s middle name. Virtually all documents I have encountered only list the middle initial of “H” — and the same for his son Henry H. Hopkins (1857-1883). I’ve reached a dead end on this line with Henry’s father Henry Sheldon Hopkins (1786-1865) and Sallie Edwards (unknown-bef 1826), so there are not many likely options going backwards.

Going forward, however, there are a couple of other “H” names to consider. Henry’s son Henry was father to three sons, two with “H” names: Howard Hopkins (1879-1880) and Hallie Henry Hopkins (1883-1939).

Then in 2015 I ran across the following in The Descendants of John Thomson – Pioneer Scotch Convenanter (Addams S. McAllister, 1917; page 127). It gives Henry’s middle name as “Halbert” (which fits with grandson Hallie). The family connections listed all match my research. There is no source for this particular material other than the tag of the book title, which is “Genealogical Notes on All Known Descendants of John Thomson, Covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with Such Biographical Sketches as Could be Obtained from Available Published Records or were Supplied by the Friends of Those Individuals who were too Modest to Tell of Their Own Accomplishments” — not terribly helpful!

But I digress. Here’s the bit with Henry’s middle name.

William Addams McAllister (“Will Add”), born May 16, 1879, in Alleghany County, Va. Graduated from Hampden- Sidney College, B. A. 1901. Address, W. A. McAllister, Ivor Stone Company, Camtown, Ky. Married on June 7, 1909 at Danville, W. Va., Archie Bessie Hopkins, daughter of John William and Nannie (McNeely) Hopkins and granddaughter of Henry Halbert and Julia Ann (Hill) Hopkins and great-granddaughter of Henry Sheldon and Sallie (Edwards) Hopkins of Halifax County, Va. The father of Henry Sheldon Hopkins emigrated from England about 1750. Child of W. A. and Archie (Hopkins) McAllister (i) Elizabeth Hopkins.

Bonus: this also provides a middle name for Henry’s father, which I could only find as the initial “S.” in the few documents that exist. It also notes that this Henry’s father emigrated from England in 1750; compelling information that I’ve not been able to support in any fashion.

Is this good enough to consider the mystery solved?

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