Hail to the Chiefs

Malinda Jane Belcher was born 06 February 1858 in Mercer County, Virginia (now WV). She was my great-great grandmother, and died in 1933. She probably married her first husband sometime before 1878 (no marriage records found at this time). This first husband, who was the father of five of her six children, came from a family who clearly admired several leaders of the country. His name was Millard Fillmore Murray; his brothers were:

  • James Buchanan Murray
  • George Washington Murray
  • Robert Lee Murray

One of Malinda Jane’s and Millard’s children was Sallie Ethel Murray — known as Aunt Sallie to my mother and grandmother Aunt Sally married — wait for it — Millard Fillmore Murray (known as Phil). So Aunt Sallie’s father and husband were BOTH named Millard Fillmore. Aunt Sallie’s father-in-law (Millard Fillmore Nelson’s father) was Andrew Jackson Nelson.

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