Got Stories?

My dear friend and sister-in-law Stephanie, who shares my love of genealogy, and is a full-blown geek in her own right, had a great suggestion after seeing this blog for the first time — invite others to contribute! So many others have stories, quotes, photos, and memories that would add to the richness of this blog. I’m doing this not only to make my life easier (one place to share all the goodies, instead of having to recreate emails/attachments on demand for interested parties) but also to provide a home base for this information that will be there — in some format (what comes after WordPress?) — for my daughter and all the cousins and all their kids and so on.

So please consider contributing. If you are at all interested, please contact me so we can discuss how that might work best for you. It’s all welcome, whether a simple memory, or a full blown story that could be written up, additional background on an existing story.

Please don’t hesitate if you are considering this; what I would give to go back in time and interview my grandparents in depth.

You are also welcome to add comments at the end of any individual story.

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