Chloe Flinn and Boone County

Chloe Flinn (1781-1863) is my 5th great-grandmother, and her childhood rescue by Daniel Boone was the inspiration for the naming of Boone County, Virginia (now West Virginia). The 2nd paragraph on this website sums it up well:

Chloe Flinn Ballard Headstone
Chloe Flinn Ballard Headstone

In 1786, Shawnee Indians attacked the home of a young girl named Chloe Flinn. The father was killed. The six year old along with her mother, brother, and sister were taken to Ohio by the Indians. A few months later, Daniel Boone came across the group and traded meat, flour, and whiskey to the Shawnees in exchange for several white prisoners including Chloe. Boone brought the little girl to live with his family in Limestone (now called Maysville), Kentucky. He then located some of Chloe’s relatives and brought her to an uncle in the Charleston area. Sixty years later, Chloe Flinn’s son, St. Clair Ballard, was a House of Delegates member from Logan County (now Boone) and related that story to the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond. Ballard asked that legislators to name the new western Virginia county in honor of the man who rescued his mother.

Boone County is shaded in red near the Kentucky border on this map from 1861.

1861 Map of Virginia
1861 Map of Virginia

Lyman Draper, a researcher and biographer of Daniel Boone exchanged a number of letters with children and grandchildren of Choe (sometimes spelled Cloey or Chloey) Flinn (sometimes spelled Flynn); here these are transcribed; you can see there are some conflicting details over the generations, but the essential facts seem consistent.

Chloe Flinn
->St. Clair Balland, son of Chloe
–>Letha Ann Ballard, daughter of St. Clair, wife of Mandaville Hopkins
—>Martha Alice Hopkins, dau of Letha/Mandy, wife of Henry H. Hopkins
—->Carl DeWitt, son of Martha and Henry
——>Keith Campbell Hopkins, son of Carl
——->Carol Hopkins, daughter of Keith
Bonus: I know that anytime I’m reading about Chloe Flinn and Boone County that this song comes to mind.

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