Bible of Anna V. Atchley Bryan

AnnieBryanBible-Cover-lowresAnna V. Atchley (1854-1943, known as “Annie”) married Albert Bryan (1854-1926) on 25 January 1888 in Port Murray, New Jersey. Annie and Albert are my husband’s great-grandparents.

This Bible was a gift from her father-in-law, George Mitchell Bryan (1820-1914) and handed down through the family. The traditional center pages used to document family lines are in excellent condition, with very vivid colors. The calligraphic handwriting is beautiful. I have not done any cleanup on these photos (not much needed); you can click on each of them to see a larger version. The scans are a bit tilted because the Bible is extremely thick — a good 6 inches or so — and it was challenging to get the pages face down in a straight position on the scanning plate. I’ll get these cleaned up in time.

AnnieBryanBible-Marriage-lowresThis page provides the details of the marriage. “Maggie Bryan” is the older sister of the groom and listed as one of the witnesses. Annie and Albert were both 33 years of age at the time of their marriage. They continued to live in the Port Murray area for most of their lives, where all three children were born and raised. Beyond that, not a great deal is known about the lives of Annie and Albert.

AnnieBryanBible-Births-lowresThis page lists the births of the bride and groom and children. The youngest child (Wilbur Aaron Bryan, my husband’s grandfather) was added later in plain hand.

One final note – most Bibles like these that I have seen also have a Deaths page, but this one does not.

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